New methods Stockport Council


During my time at Stockport Council I introduced various new methods and tools that have seen success, and have been picked up by design and non-design colleagues alike.

These have included:

Various tools to support more in-depth and holistic discoveries (to compliment lighter touch inception phases previously done at the council) such as research boards/walls, contextual interviews and activities to do during them, and visioning exercises with stakeholders

– The use of Miro (digital whiteboard tool) to collaborate with a (remote) team, and to capture all the activities and insights that lead to design decisions and make up the ‘story’ of the project (rather than having them buried in separate SharePoint folders).

Rich pictures to illustrate complex systems and services ad their stakeholders. They have made co-design activities more engaging and accessible as everyone can understand a problem and be part of the discussion/solution

– The use of Microsoft Sway to summarise and present projects and topics in more engaging/modern ways than PowerPoint. It has worked well to capture chronology and key findings of a project in order to share with stakeholders ahead of eg. workshops and meetings

– The use of VideoScribe to easily and quickly create narratives around a project that can enable bot understanding and promotion

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