Enter The Summer Void

This summer will be so productive and creative (she says every year)

Enter the Void, 2009. Image from here

It’s probably not very accurate to compare the sense of anxiety I have before summer holidays to the drug fuelled, bizarre, terrifying  experience of Oscar in Enter the Void, but I thought it made a good title. I dread the moment in the future, when my holidays have just ended and I realize I have done hardly any of the great projects I have planned. Continue reading “Enter The Summer Void”

A Year Of Discoveries

Completing a 13 month placement at Foster + Partners


The end of a unique placement experience and a long summer holiday ahead must be a good occasion to finally start a blog, right? My 13 months at Foster + Partners have now come to an end and as expected the time has flown and the discoveries about the ‘real’ design world have been plenty. Continue reading “A Year Of Discoveries”