Jogging Past the Graveyard

The ideal extended lifespan, from a young designer’s point of view

Ed Whitlock on his daily jog – Image Source


Ed Whitlock is 85 years old. As I researched this article, he beat the world record marathon time for his age group by almost fourty minutes [1]. Once he retired, he had time on his hands and got serious again [2]. The reason I have introduced Ed is not only because I, strangely enough, also jog past a graveyard every day. It is because whilst passing the graves and tombstones, the future of ageing is often on my mind.

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Years From Now

How can things remain physical  in a digital, virtual world?

Sculptural exploration of digital minds

We are, undoubtedly moving towards a world in which the everyday things that surround us are becoming more virtual and less physical. One can find apps for absolutely anything, replacing much that once occupied physical space in digital format. Things like photos, music, movies and letters are, no longer tangible ‘objects’, but rather a file somewhere, on some device.

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Cable and Crystal

A trip to North Greenwich

Emirates Flyway and The Crystal, Greenwich Peninsula
Emirates Flyway and The Crystal, Greenwich Peninsula

Another part of London that I had not yet explored was the Greenwich Peninsula. Getting the cable car across the Thames from North Greenwich, visiting The Crystal (one of the world’s most sustainable buildings with a unique exhibition dedicated to the Future of Cities) and exploring the area on a sunny day was an ideal day trip.
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The Beauty of Kew Gardens

NatureFirst time visit to Kew Gardens and ‘The Hive’

The Palm House 1848

On Sunday, I visited Kew Gardens for the first time, having heard many good stories about it and seeking a bit of ‘real’ (botanical gardens aren’t quite wild, but anyway) nature in my life. I wasn’t prepared for the scale of this place (121 hectares) but managed to get a good first impression and will happily visit a couple more times. Continue reading “The Beauty of Kew Gardens”

‘Scrapstore’ Volunteering

Joining the Work and Play Scrapstore team


Having a long summer holiday ahead of me, and having massively enjoyed the last time I got into volunteering, I was delighted to have been invited into the Scrapstore as part of the team. It’s a real treasure chest of what others have considered ‘rubbish’ (out of season wallpaper, textile scraps, test prints etc.) but what schools, communities, families, artist and designers can turn into fantastically creative projects…

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Enter The Summer Void

This summer will be so productive and creative (she says every year)

Enter the Void, 2009. Image from here

It’s probably not very accurate to compare the sense of anxiety I have before summer holidays to the drug fuelled, bizarre, terrifying  experience of Oscar in Enter the Void, but I thought it made a good title. I dread the moment in the future, when my holidays have just ended and I realize I have done hardly any of the great projects I have planned. Continue reading “Enter The Summer Void”