Hello! I hope you have landed here after exploring the rest of my site- a collection of things I discover and do…

I am a recently graduated industrial designer (with a final year project on ‘Urban Balcony Farms’ in collaboration with ASTUDIO architects). I studied at Brunel University in London and am now based in Manchester. Before that I completed a placement year at Foster + Partners. I moved to the UK from Cyprus, where I was born and grew up but my nationality is German.  I would love to discover much more of the world, adding to this lovely jumble of cultures and mentalities shaping my thoughts and ideas.

My mind is wide open- I am curious about the world in which I create, and on which I hope to have a positive impact on. I am interested in anything and everything with particular passion for sustainability, design research/thinking and food/nutrition.

Please follow if you like the idea of stumbling across something new with me (blog coming back to life soon)!

If you are after a more professional connection, do have a look at my linkedin page or e-mail me at lisak214@hotmail.com