Being a designer in local government: My time at Stockport Council

(First published on Linkedin on 30th July 2020)

When I started in the Digital By Design team at Stockport Council about two and a half years ago (as the first explicit service designer), I knew very little about what my future in design and government would hold. I had come more or less straight out of university to find myself in a completely new environment – all that was certain was my passion to use design for good, and my curiosity to explore new spaces where design and creativity could add value.

Time flew, and here I am a couple years later, as the ex-service design lead and a new role in Berlin with Tech4Germany (a programme bringing ‘fellows’ and central government ministries together for three months to work on a specific project). Leaving Stockport was a hard decision, but I like to think that my time there made this next adventure in my life possible in the first place. So, before I dive headfirst into designing an easier tax journey for German pensioners, I wanted to share what I’ve learned along the way.

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