Cable and Crystal

A trip to North Greenwich

Emirates Flyway and The Crystal, Greenwich Peninsula
Emirates Flyway and The Crystal, Greenwich Peninsula

Another part of London that I had not yet explored was the Greenwich Peninsula. Getting the cable car across the Thames from North Greenwich, visiting The Crystal (one of the world’s most sustainable buildings with a unique exhibition dedicated to the Future of Cities) and exploring the area on a sunny day was an ideal day trip.

“The journey is the destination” was partly true- floating over the Thames was fantastic and put the city in a different perspective, showing industrial areas, the Thames barrier and the harbour (where the real work used to, and still  happens), rather than shiny skyscrapers and refined urban scenes you would see from the buildings like the Shard. Although brief, the ride was a rather good start to the day.


Next up was The Crystal, owned by Siemens and showing the world’s largest exhibition of it’s kind. The introductory video, projected onto a curved space set the scene: how do we face challenges such as an ageing population, climate change and security in urban environments?



Different areas dedicated to topics like Water, Energy, Health, Nature, Transport together developed the story of this future city. The interactive elements gamified these sometimes complex ideas and gave me as a visitor, a lot of control over the size and kind of exhibition I want to see. Overall, a really informative visit, with surprisingly little marketing and boasting from Siemens.

Because summer is a rare thing in the UK, the rest of the day was spent lazing around in the sun, taking in this almost sea/beach like section of the river. Would definitely recommend this excursion with great views and a manageable bit of education- what more could you want?

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