Fueled: An Investigation

An experiment in matters of food and eating

The Well Stocked Kitchen, Joachim Beuckelaer 1566

I am constantly thinking about food. I exercise so that I can indulge, I am interested in how things land on my plate, and fascinated about the different relationships we have to it.

I feel like I want to focus on food and eating for my final university project but am not yet
able to translate this feeling into a defined direction. So to get me started, I have begun to document everything I eat. I believe I eat healthily and waste little, but am curious about what else I can discover about my diet….

After three days I have  learned that I (and probably most of us in this age of 24hr convenience) take food for granted, and don’t really think about all the ingredients that go into even a simple meal. It is a challenge to single out and contemplate every component of a meal when you are hungry and dying to eat, but already am I gaining some insight into just how complex my food supply chain is, and am dreading the outcome of some analysis into food miles and my carbon footprint.

More posts about this to follow!

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