‘Scrapstore’ Volunteering

Joining the Work and Play Scrapstore team


Having a long summer holiday ahead of me, and having massively enjoyed the last time I got into volunteering, I was delighted to have been invited into the Scrapstore as part of the team. It’s a real treasure chest of what others have considered ‘rubbish’ (out of season wallpaper, textile scraps, test prints etc.) but what schools, communities, families, artist and designers can turn into fantastically creative projects…

At the Scrapstore volunteers (often elderly) get a sense of purpose and can share their nifty craft secrets, and members get an unlimited supply of arts and craft materials and useful advice. I will be volunteering there every Tuesday and Thursday for a month, and knew it would be a good experience when this was one of the first things I found:


More stories about the Scrapstore coming soon. Meanwhile, check out their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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